Melanie Ward established Newcastle Paediatric Occupational Therapy in 1997 with the intention to provide much needed clinical services for children with delayed physical or neurological development.

A highly experienced paediatric occupational therapist, Melanie has developed a professional and friendly family-centred practice. She remains passionate about providing a high-quality service, producing great results in a fun and stimulating environment.

With a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy and extensive further education and experience, her skill in assessment and treatment is very well developed and highly regarded.

Melanie is especially skilled at detecting a variety of muscle tone disorders including dyskinetic tone, hypotonia, ataxia and dystonia.

With a strong background in development she can treat even very young infants who present with tonal and developmental delays. She has a keen interest in children with joint hypermobility syndromes, developmental coordination disorder, cerebral palsy and motor dyspraxia.

Working holistically and part of the child's team of treatment providers, Melanie has formed close collaboration with many other paediatric specialists including paediatricians, paediatric podiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and GPs.

You can be confident that Melanie will clearly identify the exact problem your child is experiencing and will provide innovative solutions in a treatment plan tailored to your child's needs.

Melanie Ward has been registered to practice through the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (OTBA) since 2012 when such registration became mandatory.